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Boss Sounds 2

Boss Sounds 2 is the new improved version of the original Boss Sounds book. Avid Pama collector Dave Oldwah Sandford has joined original author Marc Griffiths in preparing this new offering. Dave's graphic background and the development of digital printing since the first edition has meant a lot brighter and nicer looking book (The first was black and white only anyway). It doesn't stop there though - there are many more pages of information in there - 236 in all. I loved the first Boss Sounds book. It was the only book of its kind at the time.

If you're new to skinhead reggae and need educating - this book is a must, covering all the major UK labels from 68-72. Extra features on artists and sound systems are also added to the label rundowns. It's not meant as a pure discography just a collectors overview of the key tunes on those labels. For the more knowledgeable, it is still a key reference work that must be had.

Boss Sounds 2 is available only on ebay at £24.95 plus postage. Find member "oldwah" to get hold of a copy. There is a bit of a waiting time as these are short print runs so don't expect to just Buy It Now or find it by a search of the title.

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