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The Last Resort

Based in Goulston Street near Petticoat Lane, The Last Resort was the brainchild of Micky French and Margaret. It became a mecca for skinheads all over the UK and beyond and more so for the London skinheads who frequented the place - especially on a sunday afternoon.

They sold to both skinheads, punks and rockabillies, although the punk and rockabilly gear was pretty much an afterthought. The catalogue can be viewed here (funny now looking at all the prices).

Skinheads visited the shop from all over the country and in smaller numbers fromĀ  all over the world. It's blue brickwork exterior and cyan neon sign, along with the Marilyn Monroe model (seen behind the kids on this photo) became etched into the psyche of any self-respecting skinhead during the late 70s/early 80s.

The shop gave it's name to the Last Resort band which they actively promoted and managed, fronted by Roi Pearce. The black and white crucified skin and the one on the Last Resort's "A Way of Life - Skinhead Anthems" have become known by skinheads all over the world and the crucified skin in particular is probably one of the most common tattooes to find on a skinhead.

Not being a Londoner, I only visited the Last Resort 3 or 4 times but pictures of it still bring back memories. The skinheads who frequented the shop regularly on sunday afternoons must have many more memories of the shop

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